From an old tatty pallet to a unique and charming centrepiece....


We collect our old pallets locally. Often they are left disregarded and bound for the furnace or landfill which is such a waste of good quality wood. We use EPAL pallets which are the highest quality pallet available, aren't treated with any toxic chemicals and any wood which is considered vulnerable to any rot is disregarded


The next step is taking each pallet apart and deciding which parts of the pallets will be used for each project or commission. This is pretty hard work as we use a mallet and a crowbar to pry apart the exceptionally well put together pallets. At this stage we discover and are often happily surprised with all of the different varieties of wood we have collected!


The next step it to straighten any boards if necessary, plane and sand them down so they are nice and smooth and start putting them together. Some of the pieces are glued and this can be a messy process.


This is the fun bit - The character of the wood is exposed at this stage, some of the old knocks and marks are now evident and we chose the design to fit the table! Some are burnt and stained, some painted and some kept natural, its completely up to you!

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